Tea culture is an important part of traditional Chinese culture. With social development and progress, Tea play the role of the economy development propulsion element, but also became an integral part of people's life. What more, becomes a clear pearl of spiritual culture of society.

Tea culture output brings spirit and wisdom of human being to a higher sphere. Tea has an extremely narrow relationship with culture, is an extensive department with very rich content. It is not just embodiment of the spirit of civilization, but also the superstructure of some form of ideology. There is no doubt about her contribution to increase cultural education and art of understanding between people.

Chinese Tea Tradition

znak čaju

Chinese tea tradition is older than a few centuries than Japanese. We can say that Chinese tea truck leaves emphasis on spirituality forming moral. However, she swells in different historical periods in different ways.

Tea are also different, but all combines into one whole of spiritness, seriousness, joy and sincerity.

Drinking tea

Tea is understood as a drink expression of thirst but also suppress desire.

Tasting tea

Emphasis is placed on color, scent and taste of tea, water quality and tea accessories.

Tea art.

Attention is a dedicated environment, atmosphere, music, leaching techniques and interpersonal relationships.

Supreme Ambit - Tea Track

Philosophy, ethics and moral are reflected in the activities associated with the preparation and drinking tea. People cultivate their morale and thinking, getting to know life through tasting tea. In this way, the spiritual pleasure achieve.


This is namely purity, integrity, peace and solitude. The essence of tea arts is not just finding the purity of things outwardly, but also tracking solitude, peace, integrity and ability to realize impurity intentions. Only through clean and plain tea can someone rate the benefit of drinking tea.

Respect and esteem

Respect is the root of everything on the ground and the path as not to have enemies. People showing respect for others avoid risks and danger.


The meaning of harmony lies in morality and way to induce in the soul of love and joy. Hanging catches and swallowing sweets while drinking tea can clarify the diversity of life, cultivate overall thinking and predictability so that disputes and others will disappear. The spirit of joy lies in people and is not fragile and promoted. Live in peace and take care polite behavior.


This is namely true and real knowledge and knowledge. The highest good is made up of a combination of truth and true education.

Under the highest good, store nature, postpone the desire for material imaginations obtained using the benefits or injury, study the physical world to increase knowledge and continuously trying to improve. In other words, people will look for a rational way to find full sincerity in everything.

The essence of drinking tea is in cibration of mental abilities and feelings for morals so that everyone can live and easily life, express their desires, treat everyday life with affairs sparingly and honest and thus achieve the sphere of truth, good and beauty.

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