Cocoa mass Ecuador Arriba

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great opportunity to try making your own homemade chocolate

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100% cocoa mass, which was created by carefully grinding cocoa beans of the Arriba variety grown in Ecuador. A great opportunity to try making your own homemade chocolate, but also drinks, brownies, energy bars, ice cream and other delicacies. Contains approx. 51% cocoa butter.

Flavor profile: full flavor with floral notes.

Cocoa beans of the Trinitario variety, the national variety Arriba, are grown in Ecuador, which is among the highest quality in the world and is characterized by a distinct chocolate taste and floral aroma. Ingredients: ground unroasted cocoa beans. Warning! A white-gray coating may appear on the cocoa mass. It was formed by the precipitation of moisture during natural cooling without the tempering process. It does not change the natural taste or quality of the cocoa mass.

Country of origin: ecuador

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