Stand Up Pouches white with window

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Stand up pouches kraft are provided with a gripper closure and a tear-off edge.

Dimension & Packing
  • 100ml / 85 × 140 + 50mm
  • 250ml / 110 × 185 + 65mm
  • 500ml / 130 × 225 + 70mm
  • 750ml / 160 × 270 + 80mm
  • 1000ml / 180 × 290 + 90mm
Počet kusov
  • 500 pc

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The doypack bag is made of high-quality Japanese bleached kraft paper. The inner layer is a transparent PET and CPP film. The bag is equipped with a ZIP closure and is suitable for packaging food and non-food products.

The bag provides excellent barrier properties against moisture and oxygen, which makes it a suitable option for packaging a wide range of products, where the emphasis is on freshness and durability.

Closing the ZIP helps maintain the freshness of the product. If you seal the bag above this closure, the end user will certainly appreciate the tear-off notches for easy tearing and opening of the bag.

It is especially suitable for food products - it meets the legal requirements for contact with food according to EU regulations.


Pocket type: doypack with window

Color: white

Material: outer layer: KRAFT (50 µm)

                   inner layer: PET + CPP (12 + 60 µm)

Recycling: NO (identification mark "C / PAP" or "81")

Closing: ZIP (we recommend sealing over the zipper after filling)

Contents and dimensions: contents / width x height + depth of the bag

                                        100ml / 85 × 140 + 50mm

                                       250ml / 110 × 185 + 65mm

                                       500ml / 130 × 225 + 70mm

                                       750ml / 160 × 270 + 80mm

                                      1000ml / 180 × 290 + 90mm

The bag can be closed with a weld and after opening above the weld, the bag can still be used (the zipper remains functional). The pocket has a bottom so it stands alone. Air can be easily expelled from the bag and the volume of the bag can be adapted to the contents.

All our bags are made of the best materials (BPA-free) and are suitable for food packaging in accordance with EU regulations and safety standards (EG 1935/2004 and EG 2002/72 and EG 10/2011).

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