Eco friendly doypack ZIP bag matt white with valve

Eco friendly doypack ZIP bag matt white with valve


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Dimension & Packing
  • 110 × 185 + 65mm
  • 130 × 225 + 70mm
  • 140 × 270 + 80mm
  • 170 × 310 + 90mm
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  • 100 pc
  • 250 pc
  • 500 pc
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Eco-friendly standing doypack bag is made of 3 layers of single-species PE foil, one layer of which is a polymer PE foil (EVOH). A special combination of these layers achieves the same results as with an aluminum foil bag. The bag is equipped with a ZIP closure and a valve for releasing the gas of freshly roasted coffee.

The material is 100% recyclable (recycling mark "4" - LDPE)

Doypack bag with ZIP closure and aroma valve is a reliable and safe packaging for packaging freshly roasted coffee. By inserting 3 layers of single-type foil (PE / PE / EVOH), it ensures excellent barrier properties against moisture and oxygen. The aroma valve ensures the safe release of gases from freshly roasted coffee. This valve prevents the bag from inflating or cracking (freshly roasted coffee produces up to 6 liters of gas per 1 kg of coffee).

Due to the resealable ZIP closure, it helps maintain the freshness of the coffee. If you seal the bag above this closure, the end user will certainly appreciate the tear-off notches for easy tearing and opening of the bag.

The bag meets the legal requirements for contact with food according to the EU regulation.

The bag is suitable for: coffee


Bag type: doypack

Color: matt white

Material outer layer: PE  - 20 µm

Material middle layer: PE - 71 µm

Material inner layer: EVOH - 7 µm (polymer of PE)

Recycling: YES (recycling mark "4")

Closing: ZIP (we recommend sealing over the zipper after filling)

Aroma valve: YES

Contents and size: contents / width x height + depth of the bag

                            75g (kávy)/ 110 × 185 + 65mm

                           150g (kávy)/ 130 × 225 + 70mm

                          250g (kávy)/ 140 × 270 + 80mm

                          500g (kávy)/ 170 × 310 + 90mm

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Data sheet

matt white
110 × 185 + 65mm
130 × 225 + 70mm
140 × 270 + 80mm
170 × 310 + 90mm
Material outer layer: PE - 20 µm Material middle layer: PE - 71 µm Material inner layer: EVOH - 7 µm (polymer of PE)
Closeable with ZIP:
Aroma valve: