S.Bonnat  „Tonique 100%"
Bonnat Chocolatier,BP 48, cours Senozan 38502 VOIRON Cedex

S.Bonnat „Tonique 100%"

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100% of the chocolate workshop Stephane Bonnat in the form of shavings on the preparation of traditional French hot chocolate.

Ingredients: cocoa, cocoa butter.

Preparation: Mix the same amount of chocolate shavings and 13% cream and stirring cook for about 2 minutes in a water bath. Chocolate recovered from one pleasant creamy consistency. If you want more liquid chocolate, add more cream.

Exceptional quality materials:

Stephane Bonnat about the quality of raw materials shy. Chocolate production uses only:

• cocoa and pure cocoa butter without any admixture of vegetable fats,

• cane sugar instead of sugar beet.

He never uses soy lecithin, vanilla, vanillin, or artificial flavors. All products are 100% without the presence of genetically modified organisms.

Weight and size: 400 g, 5.14 x 10 x 10 cm

Bonnat chocolate family manufactures exceptional chocolates since 1884. Located in the town of Voiron in France

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