S.Bonnat Chuao 75%

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75% chocolate prepared from one of the finest varieties of cocoa beans - Chuao - valued experts worldwide.

Chuao Plantation in Venezuela has very little production, but beans are grown between producers go delectable chocolate literally through the roof.

This chocolate from the work of the Lord Bonnat is very varied taste. At the tip of the tongue easy spicy, fruity on the floor with visible hints of spice and floral nectar. Chocolate also has a nice long taste reverberation.

cocoa liquor (cocoa, cocoa butter), sugar, chocolate Bonnat are gluten-free.

Exceptional quality materials:
Stéphane Bonnat about the quality-conscious materials. Chocolate production uses only:
- Cocoa, pure cocoa butter without any additives vegetable fats,
- Cane sugar instead of sugar beet.

Never use soy lecithin, vanilla, vanillin, or artificial flavorings, All products are 100% free of genetically modified organisms.

Weight and size:
100 g, 153 x 75 x 10 mm

Product Details

Data sheet

Average nutric valuena 100 g
Odroda kakaových bôbovCriollo
Dietetické informáciebez alkoholu, bez lepku a pšenice, bez mlieka, bez orechov, bez sójového lecitínu, vhodné pre vegánov, vhodné pre vegetariánov
Obsah kakaovej sušiny75%

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