S.Bonnat Grand Crus d'Exception – Porcelana Venezuela 75%

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Chocolate specialty for connoisseurs from the "Grand Crus d'Exception".

Porcelana is the name of the purest form of the Criollo variety originating from Venezuela. Experts consider this variety to be the best in the world. The name of the cacao variety is derived from the pale, translucent and almost porcelain color and texture of the immature teats and beans that hang on the trees. Cultivation is very difficult, which is why local farmers have already replaced it in many places with more resistant types of cocoa trees. It weighs incredibly little every year, less than 1000 kg.

Along with rarity, it also makes the refined taste profile of these Porcelain beans the most sought-after and most expensive cocoa beans in the world. This chocolate is smooth and sweet, with a delicate and balanced taste. In the aftertaste you will feel a slight noise with a hint of lemon sorbet.

Ingredients: min. cocoa solids content 75%, cocoa butter, sugar, milk powder

Exceptional quality of raw materials:

For the production of chocolate it uses only:

- cocoa and pure cocoa butter, free of any vegetable fats,
- cane sugar instead of beet sugar.

S. Bonnat never uses soy lecithin, vanilla, vanillin, or artificial flavors. All products are 100% free of genetically modified organisms.

Weight & size: 100 g, 153 × 75 × 10 mm

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Average nutric valuena 100 g

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