ECO transparent bags


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  • 1000 pc
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It may come as a surprise, but our new tea bags are not made of a plastic film, even if it looks like it. They are a natural film made from renewable raw materials.

Each type packaging material comes with advantages and disadvantages:

  • Glass, for example, protects the contents particularly well and is easy to recycle, but it is very heavy and consumes a lot of energy when being transported.
  • Tins are much lighter and just as easy to recycle but require a great deal of energy to manufacture.naturflex
  • Conventional plastic is an all-rounder, durable and has met a wide range of requirements for over 70 years now. However, it will remain an eternal remnant of our throwaway society and thus pose dangers to humans and animals.

Our new ‘transparent paper’ is mainly based on renewable wood fibre from controlled and certified cultivation. The foil is fully compostable and decomposes completely within 2 months under optimal composting conditions. As with compost, the material should be shredded well to facilitate the decomposition process.

It also offers optimum resistance to oils and fats and has good barrier properties so that flavours and their teas are optimally protected!

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Number pieces in the package
1000 pieces
50 g. 55 x 30 x 195 mm
100 g, 70 x 40 x 255 mm
250 g. 80 x 50 x 260 mm