BP brown KRAFT bag with ZIP

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  • 250 g, 750ml / 130 × 225 + 65 mm
  • 500 g, 1500ml / 160 × 270 + 75 mm
  • 1000g, 2500ml / 180 × 300 + 90 mm
  • 100 g, 300ml / 110 × 185 + 55 mm
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  • 100 pc
  • 250 pc
  • 500 pc

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The block-bottomed paper bag is made of unbleached kraft paper, and two foils BOPA and CPP, which fully replace the aluminum layer. This results in lower CO2 emissions during production and disposal. The bag is equipped with a ZIP closure and is suitable for packaging food and non-food products. The bag has the shape of a box after filling - thanks to this, less material is consumed, thus achieving less burden on the environment.

The combination of BOPA and CPP films provides excellent moisture and oxygen barrier properties and fully replaces the aluminum layer. This results in lower CO2 emissions during production and disposal.

The reclosable ZIP helps maintain the freshness of the product. If you seal the bag above this closure, the end user will certainly appreciate the tear-off notches for easy tearing and opening of the bag.

The bag meets the legal requirements for contact with food according to the EU regulation.

The bag is not intended for a specific type of goods, but is suitable for packaging especially for: coffee, tea, spices, nuts and dried fruits, food supplements, raw products, feed, medicine, liquids, oils similar.


Bag type: Block bottom bag

Color: natural brown

Material out layer: KRAFT (50 µm)

Material inner layer: BOPA + CPP (15 + 50 µm)

Closing: Pocket ZIP (we recommend sealing after filling)

Volume and size:               volume / width x height + depth of the bag

                                           750ml / 130 × 225 + 65 mm - (max.900ml) / corresponds to 250g of roasted coffee

                                         1500ml / 160 × 270 + 75 mm - (max.1.800ml) / corresponds to 500g of roasted coffee

                                         2500ml / 180 × 300 + 90 mm - (max.3.000ml) / corresponds to 1,000g of roasted coffee

All our bags are made from the best materials (BPA-free) and are suitable for food packaging within EU regulations and safety standards (EG 1935/2004 and EG 2002/72 and EG 10/2011).

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