Closing clips white colour

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closing clips are the best and cheapest solution for use and sealing bags for a long time.

Dimension & Packing
  • white colour, 6 x 110 mm, 1000 pieces
  • white colour, 6 x 150 mm, 1000 pieces

We delivery to 48 hours, max. to 12 days.
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Fastening clips from kraft paper white color. Paper strip with 2 wires.

The steps for applying a tin tie correctly are as follows:

1. Fill the bag with your product and make sure that you still have space to close the bag.

2. Stick the strip 5mm from the top of the bag.

3. Close the bag by turning the paper downwards together with the tie.

4. Fold both ends of the tie towards the bag so that everything stays in place.

Advantages of the closing clip

1. Re-sealable: Clients can easily reseal the bags once they have been opened, another reason to buy your fresh products.

2. Uniform look: Each bag looks well cared for because you can fold back the bags and close them with the strips as you wish.

3. Longer storage: The bags can be closed again and again, so that the freshness of the content is still guaranteed.

4. Easy to use: These ties are very easy to apply, thanks to the clip.

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Dimensions & Packingfarba biela, 6 x 110 mm, 1000 kusov v balení
white colour, 6 x 150 mm, packing 1000 pieces

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