Ecological grass bags and a sustainable environment

ekologiaWe increasingly meet the requirements for premium packaging. However, conventional packaging made from a combination of paper and various plastics or aluminum foil is difficult to recycle and cannot be composted. Plastic has an extremely long decomposition period of up to several hundred years.

Millions of trees meet Slovakia's paper requirements every year. We do not just want to accept this fact. Finding alternative packaging in recent years has been very difficult, but right now we are proud to have succeeded with our partners in developing a new, fully sustainable packaging concept.

Our new NatureFlex grass paper and film is a true revolution in the packaging market.

The source of grass paper production is fast-growing grass from regional production, replacing more than 50% of the pulp used in the production of regular paper, which is usually extracted from wood.

By replacing a portion of the pulp with grass, paper production significantly reduces not only carbon emissions, but also the water consumption required during raw material processing. Instead of the 6000 liters of water needed to produce a ton of pulp, only 2 liters of water is needed. What a huge difference !!! Carbon emissions are up to 75% lower than conventional paper production. Chemicals are completely removed from grass processing.

NatureFlex is a new film based on renewable raw materials, which is 100% compostable and yet contains the necessary properties to create a barrier to protect the taste and smell of tea. Our paper made of grass and NatureFlex is an unrivaled product in the pursuit of environmental sustainability while fulfilling the functions of protecting the natural product from foreign flavors that could damage tea or coffee.

We are convinced that customers will not only appreciate the attitude and contribution to environmental protection. By purchasing products packaged in grass paper bags, they not only contribute to energy, water and carbon footprint savings, but are also happy to buy a natural product in a natural package.

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