Three-layer bag dark green 50g

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three-layer bag in a classic glossy dark green look

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  • 50 g / 55 x 30 x 195 mm

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Three-layer pocket with a bottom in a block made of color-printed OPP foil, kraft paper and inside a ALU foil. Thanks to the ALU foil inside, the bag is resistant to moisture, aroma and grease, in order to protect and preserve the taste and quality of your products during transport, on store shelves or in kitchen cabinets. The bottom of the pocket is a block and has a side bend. As a result, the bag is stable after filling. 

The bags can be closed with a clip or label, which you will find in our offer. The bags are ideal for various types of products, such as tea, spices, biscuits, pastries or sweets. However, the bags are not intended for any specific contents.

The bottom bags in the block are:

  • without weight marking
  • safe for food
  • stable (filled)
  • odorless and tasteless

Summary of bag information:

Item: three-layer pocket with a bottom in a block

Material: 3 layers, coloured – External layer: 25μm OPP film, 22,8 g/m2 , printed in rotogravure – Middle layer: 12 μm ALU film – Inner layer: 70 g/m2 craft paper, white

Closable: possibility to close the bag with a closing bar

Sealable: no

Color: dark green


   50 g, 55 x 190 mm + 30 mm (W x H + bottom fold)

Country of origin: Germany

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