Hacona S-type semi automatic impulse sealer

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professional semi-automatic impulse sealers

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  • 320 mm
  • 420 mm
  • 620 mm
  • 820 mm
  • 1020 mm

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Professional semi-automatic impulse sealers designed for welding foils and sealing bags with an inner sealable foil. The welding machine has a robust metal body and is equipped with an electromagnet that controls the time of fusion and cooling. This model is very popular for its comfort of work and stable weld quality.

Hacona type S is a reliable machine that ensures high welding quality. It is ideal for operations with a high workload. All S-type machines work on the principle of impulse sealing. The melting wire is heated only when the sealing bar is closed. This guarantees maximum safety and energy saving. This pulse welder is equipped with a magnetic holding device that ensures a consistent weld independent of the operator. The electromagnet automatically keeps the pressure arm closed during the set melting cycle, so the difficult pressing and holding of the arm during welding is eliminated. The melting cycle is started by lightly pressing the arm. The magnet holds the pressure arm firmly in place and ensures an even distribution of pressure along the entire length of the melting surface. After the cycle is completed, the pressure arm is raised automatically, for which the bag can be removed and the welding machine is ready for the production of the next package. This welding machine is equipped as standard with a cutting knife, which enables the production of your own bags from sleeve (hose) foil.

Machine color and surface treatment: orange - 2004-powder painted [RAL]

Working safety:

● IP 23 protection class

● The machine corresponds to all effective EU regulations.

● The machine has got CE certificate

● Hacona produces all the products according to the ISO 9001 Quality - and ISO 14001 Environmental Control System.

Choose the size of the machine according to the largest size bag used in the packaging process. The welding machine is suitable for Doypack type bags, bags with a flat bottom and zipper, prismatic and flat bags, various types of films and sleeves.

The Hacona type S welding machine is suitable for sealing PE, PP, PVC or any other laminated film with a closable inner layer.

Materials suitable for sealing:

- PE (LDPE, HDPE), PP, PA, PVC, BOPP and other thin laminated films

- ALU (aluminum with a sealable layer inside) only type SBx and test sealing is recommended

- and any other laminated films, which have a thermoplastic film inside

The maximum material thickness (absolute material thickness) for all S-type welding machines is - PE Polyethylene 500 microns, PP Polypropylene 200 microns, multi-layer laminated film 160 microns (depending on the type of lamination!)

You can purchase a range of accessories for the welding machine and thereby expanding its use:

  • support with foot pedal and rolloflux
  • adjustable working table
  • mobile foot pedal - bowden control (in case you mount the welding machine on your own table)

The listed price is only for a separate welding machine.

S-320 320 mm 5 mm 500 W 80-220°C 10 sec. 100 zvarov/ 1 hod. 230V/50Hz
S-420 420 mm 5 mm 450 W 80-220°C 10 sec. 100 zvarov/ 1 hod. 230V/50Hz
S-620 620 mm 5 mm 350 W 80-220°C 10 sec. 100 zvarov/ 1 hod. 230V/50Hz
S-820 820 mm 5 mm 1000 W 80-220°C 10 sec. 100 zvarov/ 1 hod. 230V/50Hz
S-1020 1020 mm 5 mm 950 W 80-220°C 10 sec. 100 zvarov/ 1 hod. 230V/50Hz

Product Details
HG 001-270

Data sheet

Working width320 mm - HG 001-270
420 mm - HG 001-272
620 mm - HG 001-273
820 mm- HG 001-274
1020 mm- HG 001-275
Max. sealing length (mm)
S 420 - 420 mm
S 620 - 620 mm
S 820 - 820 mm
S 1020 - 1020 mm
Sealing width
Max. width of sealable filmS 320 - 310 mm
S 420 - 410 mm
S 620 - 610 mm
S 820 - 810 mm
S 1020 - 1010 mm
Max. cutting lengthS 320 - 310 mm
S 420 - 410 mm
S 620 - 610 mm
S 820 - 810 mm
S 1020 - 1010 mm
Max. sealable film thicknesses

Max. power consumption [W]S 320 - 500 W
S 420 - 450 W
S 620 - 350 W
S 820 - 1000 W
S 1020 - 950 W
Country of originHungary
Weight of machine (kg)S 320 - 11,7 kg
S 420 - 13,20 kg
S 620 - 16,50 kg
S 820 - 23,20 kg
S 1020 - 25,95 kg
IP protection class (IP)IP 23
Machine color and surface treatmentorange - 2004-powder painted [RAL]

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