This Complaints Procedure applies to goods that have been purchased in e-commerce and which is operated MIBAX Trade, sro (The seller) and his claim has been applied during the warranty period.

The right to claim a faulty or damaged goods.

If a defect in the purchased goods, the buyer has the right to complain about this defect. A defect is not considered a change of goods which arises during the warranty period, due to its wear and tear, misuse, or modifications to the mechanism or structure (§619OZ).

If the buyer exercises his right to complain, the seller or other authorized employee is obliged to rule on the complaint without undue delay. If žerozhodnutie the settlement of the claim requires expert judgment, seller and buyer agree a deadline for settlement of the claim.

Period to apply

The condition for lodging a complaint is to be applied in guarantee period. If it is not marked another period, the warranty period is 24 months from the date of sale of goods.

The date of sale should be provided a tax document (cash receipt or other proof of purchase and payment of goods).

Unless the claim is equipped with repair, repair time is not included in the warranty period. If the complaint is equipped with replacement of damaged goods as new, runs a new warranty from the date of exchange (§627 / 2oz).

Complaint-removable defect

If the defect that can be corrected, the buyer has the right to be free, timely and properly repaired (§622OZ). Removable defects are considered to be those where their removal (repair, replacement) suffer appearance, function or quality.

The period of the complaint is 30 days from the date of receipt of the complaint. If it is a mistake removable buyer may require:

- Free, timely and proper removal of defects

- If not used goods, the exchange (§623OZ)

Complaint-indelible defect

For unrecoverable defects are regarded as defects that can not be repaired, or repair by their suffering appearance, quality or function of the goods (§623OZ). In the case of irreparable defects, the buyer may require:

- Adequate discount (§623OZ)

- The exchange of goods for other flawless (§623 / 1oz)

- Cancellation of the contract (623 / 2oz)

Seller reserves the right to deliver in exchange for the defective goods, goods different, fully functional and compliant, at least the same or better technical parameters.

Qualify for complaints expires:

- If the complaint has expired in goods warranty period (confi Block)

- Where goods are damaged mechanically (collision, crash etc.)

- For damage to goods in transit (need to be addressed directly to the carrier upon acceptance)

- In case of damage due to improper installation, servicing or neglect of goods and their components

- If the product has been damaged by excessive load or used contrary to the general conditions for this type of product.

- In the case of infringement of its construction, mechanics

- For damage elements

- If it is not part of the complaint a copy of the sale of goods at the company MIBAX Trade,s.r.o.

Handing complaint for consideration

Goods sent to the complaint, it is necessary to mark the overpack sign the claim and consignment accompanied by all the above mentioned documents necessary for the complaints. Goods sent by the buyer without these requirements, the seller is entitled to send back at its expense. The buyer sends the seller claimed goods at its own expense. Repair or replacement of the seller sends the goods at its own expense.

Final provisions

Seller reserves the right to change this Complaints Procedure Rules. This Complaints Procedure is valid on the date of 3.1.2011.