Unroasted cocoa beans Akesson Brazílie Forastero Raw

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Cocoa beans from the Fazenda Semper Firme plantation in Brazil belong to the highest variety. These cocoa beans from Bertil Akesson are bought by gourmet chocolates from all over the world. These are cocoa beans of the variety Forastero "Parasinho".
In June 2009, Bertil Akesson and his Brazilian partner, Dr Angelo Calmon de Sa, purchased the historic Fazenda Semper Firme farm in Bahia, Brazil. This 120-hectare cocoa plantation lies right in the middle of Mata Atlantica, a rainforest with one of the highest biodiversity on earth. They grow a traditional local variety from the Forastero family of cacao trees called "Parasinho", which brought fame to the state of Bahia at the beginning of the 20th century.

Note: cocoa beans are unsorted. They contain beans of various sizes as well as bean fragments.

Ingredients: unroasted cocoa beans. Thanks to the raw quality, the beans retain many vitamins and minerals, thanks to which they strengthen the immune system.

Cocoa beans are superfoods, containing a lot of antioxidants (20 times more than green tea). Thanks to theobromine, they help with concentration and the substances in them help to evoke a good mood. They regulate blood pressure and thus improve your cardiovascular system. They are ideal for crunchy and tasty treats that benefit your health. You can crunch them like nuts, but they are also suitable for smoothies, yoghurts and muesli. They are great in meat marinades. You can also use them in recipes instead of nuts. The brownies will create a real chocolate taste, they will royally decorate your desserts.

Tip: Mix cocoa beans with dried fruit and a little fat (eg coconut), chop and make excellent balls from the resulting mass, suitable as a masquerade or energy ten for all occasions.

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